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Kirill Ermakov
Kirill Ermakov

[S7E7] The Portrait _VERIFIED_

After his little portrait speech he takes calls from survivors looking to get into the tower, all of whom he turns away. Later we learn that these were fake calls from a group of the scavengers who lied about their true identity in order to gain entrance to the tower, apparently just because they wanted a safe place to stay or something.

[S7E7] The Portrait

An artist is one of the select few that Victor has let through his gates, and she is called in to paint the most epic of portraits. Victor gives some specifics too, he wants her to paint the real him, what he sees, not her interpretation of him.

Acclaimed artist Sharon Sprung had to wait years before she could tell the world that she was commissioned to paint Michelle Obama's official White House portrait. On this episode of MC, we chat with Sprung from her Brooklyn studio about painting, patience, and what it's like to have a First Lady drop by.

The next morning, the police get search warrants, and Stottlemeyer and Disher lead the SWAT team in a raid on Thurman's photo studio. In the dark room, they find the clinching evidence: an eerie shrine with photos of the murder victims, with each victim's portrait having her respective lipstick smeared on it. Unfortunately, Thurman has disappeared, and a few hours after the raid, another young actress, Kate Kindel, is found dead in her house, killed in the same fashion as the other victims.

Strand sits still while a woman paints his portrait at the tower. He orders the artist to paint him the way he sees himself, not the way she sees him. Howard brings Strand the intake phone to speak with Arno, a prospective resident who offers his carpentry skills. Strand says they already have someone with Arno's skill set, then hangs up on him.

Throughout the week, Strand takes calls from prospective residents while he sits for his portrait. He rejects everyone. Howard suggests Strand at least meet some of the people, but Strand says he's following his instincts. One day, Howard tells Strand they have a caller that Strand will want to see with his own eyes. 041b061a72


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