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Comprehensive Guide to Playing and Betting on Bombing Fishing at BK8

Bombing Fishing is a new fish shooting game developed by Jili, recently launched at bk8 bookies and attracting a large number of players. What makes this game so appealing? Does it offer unique features compared to other fish shooting games on the market? Let's explore everything about this new game.

What is Bombing Fishing?

Understanding Bombing Fishing

Bombing Fishing is a new fish shooting game on the BK8 online platform, developed by Jili, one of the renowned game developers. The game stands out with a simple yet vibrant interface, providing an enjoyable gaming experience.

Its gameplay is similar to other fish shooting games, but its special feature lies in its rich reward system, promising players opportunities for big wins.

Development History of Bombing Fishing

Bombing Fishing was initially popular in the Chinese market before expanding internationally. With technological advancements, the game has undergone improvements in graphics, sound, and features, garnering significant attention from the gaming community.

Popularity at BK8

BK8 is a reputable platform in Vietnam, offering convenient access for players to engage in Bombing Fishing. This game attracts thousands of players daily, creating a wave of excitement within the gaming community.

How to Play Bombing Fishing at BK8

Registration Guide for BK8 Account

To participate in Bombing Fishing, players need to become BK8 members. This process can be completed through the following specific steps:

Register an Account

Visit the BK8 website or use the mobile app.

Choose to create a new account by entering your account name, phone number, and password.

Deposit Money into Your Account

After completing bk8 sign up, players need to deposit money into their game account. Check the deposit methods supported by BK8 and proceed with the transaction.

Join the Game

After successfully depositing money, players can check their game wallet balance.

Return to the homepage, search for the game title, and activate to join.

Basic Gameplay Rules of Bombing Fishing

Bombing Fishing Basic Gameplay Rules

Players can choose from three different levels:

Joy Room: The simplest level, featuring small fish where only Level 1 bullets are needed to shoot.

Regal Room: Includes small fish, individually swimming fish, and group fish. The Immortal King can appear unexpectedly.

Golden Dragon Room: The most challenging level, where players have the chance to earn rewards up to 1200 times. The Immortal King appears more frequently, and players can use the Nuclear Bomb feature to eliminate a series of targets.

Basic Exchange Table of Bombing Fishing

Common Fish: Blue triple-tail fish x2, bird fish x4, puffer fish x6, jellyfish x8, lobster x10, hammerhead shark x15, green hammerhead shark x20, mermaid x25, fairy fish x30.

Golden Fish: Golden clown fish x35, golden hammerhead shark x40, golden green hammerhead shark x45.

Functional Fish: Thunderbolt continuous x50 - x70, continuous grenade crab x60 - x80, shrimp drill x20 - x80.

Types of Basic Guns in Bombing Fishing

Basic Gun: The gun players start with in the game, suitable for hunting common fish.

Upgraded Gun: Enhances weapon power and shooting range, easily taking down large fish.

VIP Gun: Special guns with impressive power and range, owned through reward points accumulation or luck from spins.

Best Tips for Playing Bombing Fishing at BK8

Choose the right type of bullets for each creature.

Study the support functions carefully.

Understand the gameplay rules thoroughly.

Know the information about reward exchanges.

Avoid shooting single bullets; aim for groups.

Don't overlook small fish.

Hunt large fish but consider points and remaining bullets.


We hope that the detailed instructions and tips for playing Bombing Fishing at BK8 will help players gain more knowledge and skills to effectively participate in the game. Immerse yourself in the vibrant entertainment world of the hottest fish shooting game of 2024 with BK8 and give more bk8 bookmaker bonus!


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