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Kirill Ermakov
Kirill Ermakov

Franklin Feedback Control Of Dynamic Systems 6th Pdfrar

Introduction: This class studies the analysis and control of ordinary differential equations with inputs and outputs. We cover dynamic response, transfer functions, PID control, Root Locus, Bode and Nyquist, among other things.

Franklin Feedback Control Of Dynamic Systems 6th Pdfrar


Wind shears originating from downbursts have been the cause of many aircraft accidents in the past two decades. In turn, this has led to considerable research on wind shear avoidance systems and wind shear recovery systems. This paper reviews recent advances in wind shear recovery systems. It summarizes the work done at Rice University on trajectory optimization and trajectory guidance for two basic flight conditions: takeoff and abort landing. Future research directions are discussed with particular reference to detection and recovery. It appears that, in the relatively near future, an advanced wind shear control system can be developed, that is, capable of functioning in different wind models and covering the spectrum of flight conditions having interest in a wind shear encounter.


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