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Wharton Phd Programs

If you are interested in any international EY-Parthenon locations, you will need to apply directly to them by navigating to their country page on this webpage and follow the corresponding application instructions. Hiring processes, needs and timelines will vary by country, and are managed by the respective country. This US recruiting team does not refer candidates to other regional programs.

Wharton Phd Programs


Professor Christopher Wharton is assistant dean of innovation and strategic initiatives at ASU's College of Health Solutions and a researcher in the Health Lifestyles Research Center. He is also a Senior Global Futures Scientist and Faculty Coordinator of the Swette Center for Sustainable Food Systems supported by School of Sustainability. His research interests include lifestyle-wide behavior change, voluntary simplicity, healthy food production and distribution, food systems and sustainability, local food programs and food security.

Finding the right PhD program should be elementary. PHDSTUDIES connects prospective doctoral students with exciting PhD programs around the world. As a part of the Keystone Education Group family of student-centered websites, PHDSTUDIES makes it easy for postgraduate students to find specialist degrees in a variety of fields of study. PHDSTUDIES is accessible in 40+ languages and provides detailed information about prestigious doctoral programs, research degrees, and professional qualifications.

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