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Where Can I Buy Marcelle Mascara

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Where Can I Buy Marcelle Mascara

Well, Marcelle has to my rescue! Now I can use the non-waterproof mascaras I love, but not look like a raccoon due to sweat, rain or watering eyes. They have a mascara waterproofing top coat. It comes with a basic mascara brush, but unlike clear mascaras or topcoats I have tried before, is more liquid and gently coats the eyes without a clumpy mess.

You do need to wait until your mascara is totally dry. The waterproofing topcoat liquid is runny, as you can see from it almost dripping out in the picture above. It is not great if you use a mascara with fibres as it either brushes them away or sticks them too close to get the full effect. But on top of my fave Diorshow, no issues at all. Once dry, it has a slightly glossier look than your regular mascara. Personally, I like that, but it is not for everyone and it does change the way your mascara looks. You are brushing through using a different style of mascara wand.

No idea, I have never had an issue with mine. You do need to let your mascara dry first, maybe it is reacting to something in yours? I typically use Smashbox Full Exposure but have tried it with others I am testing with no issues

Unfortunately, that is where the love ends. The minute I pulled the brush from the tube, I groaned. It had these short, rubber spikes that are so popular nowadays on mascara, but that I hate with a passion. I often wonder whatever happened to the traditional curved bristle mascara brush. They are definitely going the way of the dinosaur and as a girl with thin, wispy lashes, the rubber spiked wands just turn my lashes all clumpy and creepy Annabelle doll looking, when what I want are feathery curled lashes.

This is where I find that a bristle brush excels. The fibers of the brush carry the product from room to tip and help make your lashes long, which still providing that volume that you need. The rubber bristles in this mascara are a little too far apart to do the job for me and thus the dreaded clump.

My repeat purchase is the Mecca Max Whiplash mascara. I think I'm now on tube 3, maybe 4? I like a tubing mascara as I find the other ones end up all over my face, and this $24 one is just as good, if not better, than much more expensive brands. And, much as I hate myself for it, I also own several Kylie Cosmetics eyeliners; they're really smooth and creamy, and don't drag on my lids.

When it comes to beauty I often wish people would be more honest about their repeat purchases. There are hundreds of new products every month, right? It says so much if you completely use something up and then commit to the same formula again. I just bought a second tube of Ilia \u2018Limitless Lash\u2019 mascara ($42). I find it perfect for everyday use because I\u2019m pale, wanted something that would coat each lash finely, and the results with this mascara are not too heavy. I\u2019ve also just bought my third tube of Hourglass \u2018Arch Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel\u2019 in Warm Blonde ($44) which is a gel-brush combo and is a big time-saver in the morning and has proven great for travelling.

Carmen Maria Machado has a Substack! The people rejoice! I especially like the latest post \u2018On Writing and the Business of Writing\u2019 in which Machado uses the latest literary world plagiarism scandal as a catalyst for a deeper inquiry into the commercial pressures young and emerging writers often feel panicked by. I\u2019ve had three major works published now and I still got a lot out of this, especially the middle part where Machado talks about the Chang essay, and the difference between the writer\u2019s life and the writer\u2019s career. How sometimes we put the cart before the horse by being on social media and fuelling hype trains\u2026 I think you\u2019ll get a lot out of this if you\u2019re any type of creative who thinks deeply about how to insulate your best self from the vagaries of the industry while also paying your bills. 781b155fdc


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