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On May 15, 2015, prof. Piotr Moncarz from Stanford University together with prof. Peter Noakowski from the University of Dortmund and professors Błażej Skoczeń and Krzysztof Pielichowski from Cracow University of Technology spoke to RMF FM, one of the largest and most popular radio stations in Poland, about the future of Polish science, innovation, and building a Polish brand in the global market. Listen to RMF FM. (Broadcast available in Polish.)

Presented complex of the new RFM FM media holding headquarters, consists of 13 monolithic domes linked throughout glassed corridors. This set is placed in Nieporaz (the Alwernia community), nearby A4 motorway.

The foreshadow idea of the whole complex was strongly suggested by the client. Mr. Stanislaw Tyczynski, the RFM FM media holding president was the most creative and active advisor in that field. Main professional project and design works for realization process have been done between 2000 and 2002 in Yuma Inwest, the design office in Katowice. The architects in charge were: MEngg Architect Stanislaw Burmistrz and MEngg Architect Stanislaw Podkanski. The main structural engineer was MEngg Marek Skalkowski. Complementary project of the change of esthetic architectural picture for the whole set was prepared in nsMoonStudio by Piotr Nawara and Agnieszka Szultk. The general contractor was Budostal 3 from Cracow. The monolithic domes coatings were realized by French firm PIRS. The RMF FM Media Complex, was one by one constructed using French technology siloes; they use the balloon technique in which they mold the shape of the building with the flaxable-kind of concrete, which then is brought into proper shape, by plumping the inside, like a balloon. The Domes are connected with each other with glass corridors, what makes it a building complex. Each building has its own function and purpose. There are some warehouses there, offices, recording studios, restaurants, TV studios, newsrooms, technical Domes. The Investor was a media group derived from the RMF FM family - Broker FM. The essence of that undertaking was to expand the activity from just radio station to the radio television and movie. 13.000 m2 of the new-build Complex was supposed to be a RMFs headquarters and also give the possibility for the company to expand its view in to another topics. The Dome style was to be closed in one sentence: Degraded space station. The Investors Idea was to create a structure of joint buildings, where one language of décor would generate the atmosphere of all station. All employees together with the technical services, actors and artists were to create a life scene something based on Big Brother show but in a corporational kind of way. Combination of those possibilities and ideas in one place, and done by this way, was very innovative. This media city and its cohesion was a superior goal of that investment.. Making a unique interior atmosphere was one of the directives for that project. The whole idea of that project express itself in details. There was a several dozen of people working on that project form at least 3 different Companies. Our company was working under coordination of all activities and a manufacturing supervision of all of those unusual elements. Unusual solutions for door, balustrades, lighting, wall finish, Digital work-places, automatic acoustic doors, etc.Most of them had to pass special tests allowing their usage in building process. The Complex, doesnt actually include any typical solution. Even the rounded layout that can be seen from the view was not that eaasy one would think from the ergonomics and technical TV point of fiew The complex isnt supplied with the sun power, but tank to the unusual acoustic solution it was possible to create an air-conditioning recording studios. Today the Dome is in a way, a place of creating a multimedia products. For more information please visit:

The complex is very radical, and the cosmic expression of the whole of the ensemble is meticulously maintained at the level of detail. Sometimes solutions had to be found for what seem irresolvable. This was how new design patents emerged: fire-proof sliding doors and sound proof sliding doors

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