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Statue Legacy Key

The Pitt-Upon-Ford Demiguise statue is in a building next to a carriage and a large purple tree. From the Floo location, follow the road into the village. The last large house before the bridge houses the Demiguise statue on its top floor.

Statue Legacy Key

While you can get fifteen of the sixteen Hogwarts Legacy Keys as soon as you begin the quest, one of the Daedalian Keys is behind a locked door, which requires Alohomora, thankfully we have a guide on unlocking Alohomora and finding all the required statues.

The sixth Daedalian Key is in the Dungeons. You can get to the Dungeons via the Bell Tower courtyard. Instead of heading upstairs for the last key, head down. The key is in front of the large dragon statue.

The second Daedalian Key at this location is inside the room with the sleeping dragon statue, which you can visit by going through the same hallway where you found the first Key. The Daedalian Key will then lead you up the stairs to the House Cabinet.

Also in the Astronomy Wing area. Head to the Transfiguration Classroom Floo Flame then turn around and go left through the double doors. Head straight on, and then right down the staircase as far as you can go. Keep descending, noting the cabinet on your left as you pass by, to find the key by a sleeping dragon statue. Follow it back up to the cabinet.

Another one in the Astronomy Wing area. Take the same route as the previous key, but keep going past the sleeping dragon statue, and the locked doors until you enter the room with all of the wooden casks. Head up the stairs, turn right, and go even further down till you find the key near the stone-pillared chamber with the eye chest (opens in new tab). It'll lead back to the cabinet in the cask room.

Another in The Great Hall area. Fast travel to The Great Hall Floo Flame, then go right through the double doors, down the stairs past the statue, and through the big archway to see the key. Follow it down the stairs to a cabinet in the far bottom corner of the Quad Courtyard.

Same as before, you need "The Caretaker's Lunar Lament" quest to get this one. On the highest floors of the Faculty Tower in the South Wing area, you'll find a corridor of portraits that links it to the Clock Tower. The key is in here, and goes to a cabinet beside the entrance to the Prefect's Bathroom with the statues.

Run straight ahead after arriving at the Faculty Wing floo flame, and when you see Gladwyn Moon standing outside a door, go through it. You will visit this area during his quest, The Caretaker's Lunar Lament looking for Hogwarts Legacy demiguise statues, but you can come back for the Daedalian key later. Head up the stairs and you will hear the keys on the upper landing one floor above you. Follow it back down to the cabinet near the door you entered from.

From the Bell Tower foyer, head up the stairs on your left toward the History of Magic classroom, but then head down the stairs on your left instead. Go through the door to your right and head down toward the statue of a sleeping dragon, where you will find the Daedalian key waiting for you. Follow it back up the stairs to a cabinet that you passed earlier.

Same as when you found the Sleeping Dragon statue, head up some stairs on your right after fast travelling to the Bell Tower Courtyard and stop outside the History of Magic classroom. There will be a Daedalian key directly outside the classroom, so follow it right up the stairs just behind you to find the cabinet on the highest floor.

Walk up three flights of stairs, then another set of stairs to your right until you see a brown tree-man statue. Go up the spiral staircase, then make a left towards the clock room - the end of which you'll spot the key.

To get to the location, walk past the trophy room and through the iron gates at the end of the landing. Now, travel up the stairs and through the winding hallway. Go up the spiral stairs past the faculty bedrooms. Now, go through the door at the top of the stairs which leads into a corridor with multiple winged statues. Either right for the locked admittance room or left for the Headmaster's Office.

The second key in the Astronomy Tower is where you begin relying on your searching skills. Head to the Defence Against the Dark Arts Classroom Floo Flame and run down the nearby stairs. The key is near the Skeleton statue, which will lead you back up the stairs, past the Floo Flame, to the cabinet.

For the last Daedalian Key in the Bell Tower, head back toward the dragon statue and turn right down the corridor. Once you approach the door, turn right to find the Daedalian Key flying around the hallway. After running toward it, the key will go down the hall, past the barrels toward the House cabinet next to a flaming brazier.

To begin looking for the first Daedalian Key in this area, head to the Quad Courtyard Floo Flame and head south past the dragon statue. Head up the stone stairs to find the Key flying around the massive archway heading east. The key will lead you back down the stairs, southwest past the mermaid statue and around the corner to the cabinet next to the wooden door.

In the same room where you found the first Hogwarts Legacy Bell Tower Courtyard key, you can go down the other stairs and follow the pathway until you reach a dragon statue (the item will be right next to it).

The Headmaster's Office is accessed by knowing the password to the statue, which can be found in "Polyjuice's Plot". Note that there is no way to enter at the beginning of the game. It is towards the end of the game that you can challenge this quest.

The Key of Admittance is required to open the locked door in front of the Headmaster's Office. It can be obtained in the room up from the Headmaster's Office, but it required Alohomora 3, so collect Demiguise statues beforehand.

In Hogwarts Legacy, Demiguide statues can be found everywhere during your time exploring Hogwarts and the surrounding areas. You need the statues to unlock Alohomora upgrades. Here are all their locations for one easy collection trip.

Exploring Hogwarts Legacy is one of the key features and highly encouraged, but there are often times you are stuck in front of a door and can't open it. In those moments you need Alohomora and all its upgrades. So to make your journey a little bit easier, let me show you the location of all the Demiguise statues you need for this.

So in total there are 30 Demiguise statues hidden in the game. When you find them, you need to give them to the janitor. He will then, after a certain amount of statues, teach you the upgrades for the spell.

You can find 10 statues in Hogwarts, 9 in Hogsmeade and another 11 all around the world. Remember that to collect them, it has to be nighttime. Just go into your map and with a click of a button change the time, if it's still day time at the moment you get to your chosen statue.

From the Faculty tower floo go down the stairs until you reach the first floor. Then follow the hall until you reach a locked bathroom. Here in one of the stalls, there is an extra room with the statue in it.

Off to the floo and this time we start at the potions classroom. From here go down the spiral staircase to your left and follow the hallway until you get to a level 1 lock. After opening it, go further and you will find a level 2 lock. Finally, there is the statue with the moon you need.

For this one you need to floo to the Hogwarts North Exit, turn directly around and walk back through the gate. Then turn left and walk along the wall until you see a staircase. Below it is a door to a room with a statue.

Since we don't have this class, it is locked. To find it, start at the Bell Tower Courtyard, walk into the North Hall and go down a staircase into the dungeons. Keep going down until you get to a dragon statue. When you now turn right, a little bit further on the left side is a locked door to Muggle Studies.

Let's start all the way in the north and work our way down the map. From this floo, take the path south until you find a three-story house on the right-hand side. On the top floor you will find a statue.

Now, after a long journey all across Hogwarts Legacy, you've finally found all these pesky Demiguise statues. I'm sure the janitor is very proud and thankful. Deliver all the moons for your reward and explore some more of this fantastic world.

The Pagoda is a tiered tower with multiple eaves, colored in red and white, with a golden finial resting on top. Inside the Pagoda is a puzzle that consists of pressing buttons on the pedestals of the statues of Dripple, Embit, Eaglit and Fevine in the correct order.

To solve the puzzle, players must press four buttons on the side of pedestals with statues of four Beginner Loomians by following the monks' clues after defeating them. The correct order for pressing the buttons is Embit, Eaglit, Dripple, Fevine. Pressing the buttons in the wrong order will cause a Level 15 Twilat to appear.

The monument was restored in 1999 after a multi-year fundraising campaign by local residents. In September 2017, the monument was spray painted with the words "Racist Anthem" and splashed with red paint to highlight Key's legacy as a slaveholder. The city quickly restored the monument.

In 2001, St. Armands Circle became home to the John Ringling Statue, designed and sculpted by Tony Lopez. Here, the statue stands on the south side of the circle, overlooking the fine shops, restaurants, and community that John had dreamed of many decades ago. The John Ringling Statue also stands in the center of the Circus Ring of Fame, which is a tribute to countless individuals from all over the world who significantly impacted the circus arts.

A 13-foot-high bronze statue unveiled before hundreds of cheering admirers depicts the beret-wearing Guevara standing defiantly while facing toward Santa Clara, Cuba, where another statue of Guevara faces toward Argentina.

Sculptor Andres Zerneri, who created the statue, said the time had come in Guevara's native country for such a monument, especially as the revolutionary's influence spreads around a Latin America increasingly dominated by leftist governments. 041b061a72


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