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Index Of 1080p Parent Directory Index __EXCLUSIVE__

You can set it via the index directive in the server block or via the proxy_index or proxy_next_upstream directives in a location block. If you want to have Nginx look at only one directory, if you do not want to have the other directories in the parent directory being queried, then you can use the ignore_invalid_options directive and add it to the server block. For example:

index of 1080p parent directory index

Nginx will look in the root of the server and see if it can find the index.html file, if it cannot it will return a 404 error, if you do find the file, it will ignore all the invalid options and look in the /upload/ directory.

This is a different problem to what Matthew is encountering with the cPanel configuration. The DirectoryIndex directive is also supported by fastcgi_split_path_info and can be used to configure an appropriate output for each request. In addition, one can set a minimum index.html file size and/or index.php processing module file size when setting the DirectoryIndex directive.

Yup, your are right. It does redirect to the default homepage of the brand/website if nothing was specified by the user. So the redirect is creating a 404 (or not index.php on a given page) error, since we are wanting the index to redirect somewhere in the process. This is why the index will redirect to the default website homepage, because it does not resolve to any of the named *.php files we have specified in our index configuration below. If you try index.php, as you have mentioned, then it should redirect as well, as this is a website name.


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