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Greyson Rogers
Greyson Rogers

Download !EXCLUSIVE! Insane 2 PC Game 2012

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Download Insane 2 PC Game 2012

$8.99Crashmo is another handheld download that delights and surprises in its approach. The sequel to last year's Pushmo, Crashmo is a block-moving puzzle game that takes the best of its predecessor and improves upon it. Don't let its cutesy appearance fool you. Crashmo is clever and challenging, and new blocks, abilities and more add a layer of depth to an old formula.

Price: FreeIt's not so much a Simon Says-type game as it is Wario Ware-styled mini-game bonanza. Frobisher Says features 50 fast-paced mini games where each one is as random as the last. It's absolutely insane, and it's a great family gift to play at home. Also, it's free, so you have nothing to lose by checking it out. 041b061a72


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