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[S2E41] Octopus

Chloe is exhilarated while playing "Octopus" at Bluey's house, and tries to replicate the experience at home with her own father. Chloe becomes disheartened when her father struggles to play the game with the same zest as Bluey's father. This leads Chloe's father to research the octopus, which helps the duo to improvise and reinvent the activity in their own way.

[S2E41] Octopus


In Brains's lab, the Super Commander informs her that an enormous mutant octopus is detected in her area. Brains takes action but was halted by her father and informs her that Cyborg HH has arranged to send a specialist to lead the mission and to get ready for an "LT (lemonade and towels) Protocol" which means being a glorified maid with the city being endangered. Then at the back of the Super Commander, Cyborg HH came in, the Super Commander forgot to tell to her daughter that it's Cyborg HH's 20th Anniversary as a Protector and to show her the code combinations of the mysterious specialist. On Cyborg HH's tables revealed the two combinations, an alpha symbol (α) and the number one (1) and that mysterious specialist happens to be Agent Alpha One, a hero to admire by Brains.

Outside of Earth's atmosphere, Brains (still the same) got fascinated and curious of the ship's interiors, so curious she even pushed a button on a screen receiving makeup. Seconds later, the ship's surveillance detected a mutant octopus being above ground and needs immediate intervention. Brains quickly gets ready for combat, Alpha One on the other hand, does nothing and gives his third order to chill and sort out the most important thing of all: wardrobe. Alpha One starts picking out clothes to wear, he asks Brains of what the color of the monster is, she replies and thinks that it's Green, Alpha One got the perfect outfit and makes a statement for Brains to take note that "Our first weapon is always a great outfit".

Brains agrees to Alpha One's statement and both her and Alpha One got suddenly entangled by a mutant octopus from below. Brains requests permission to activate Electrical Discharge, Alpha One immediately tells her to do it, receiving permission, she activates the ship's electrical discharge thus shocking the octopus and letting them go. Alpha One in anger (believing that this was all an act) exclaims that he's going to teach that "puppet" a lesson. Brains became perplexed about him mentioning the word "puppet" and doesn't want to hear it again, so she landed the ship immediately.

Back on the ground, Alpha One went out first while Brains backs him in the rear. Still believing that the entire mission was all acting, Alpha One walks with composure makes contact with an octopus as if it were just part of the props. As they faced with the mutant octopi, Brains and Alpha One were left helpless. Moments later, the Super Commander appears on her watch and informs her that Cyborg HH had her tables crossed and didn't meant to sent Agent Alpha One and that he is not an agent, but an actor and the agent who was supposed to be sent was Agent One Alpha. Trapped and with nowhere else to run she calls Fred for help. She informs that they need Friday and she and Alpha One are at the industrial zone in southeast of the city.

Fred becomes worried and takes action by turning Friday into a much more impressive spaceship than Alpha One's. As they arrived to their rescue, discovering that octopi are in the same way that his game "Whac-A-Worm" and ends as if playing. Fred commands Friday to become a Worm Whacker spaceship and begins whacking some octopi and beats them all, later they face the biggest of them all, the "Big Red Head" nicknamed by Fred as Mr. Squid.They first tied the octopus with its own tentacles and Fred whacks it with his best whack. Moments later, all of the mutant octopi were liquefied and gushed out of the sewers that it spewed all over Friday's spoilers.

In this episode, we have the pleasure to talk with Bedeir Rizk about faking it until you make it, getting the first big corporate retail companies, about the octopus strategy, what makes a great mentor and much more! 041b061a72


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