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Kirill Ermakov
Kirill Ermakov

Risa Tachibana First Photo Book _BEST_

Eto There are 3 "making of" videos from her first photobook, 30 mins long altogether. I've watched them once many years ago, but cannot find them anymore. From the cover of the physical copy of her photobook, it says that there is an access code which allows you to watch the making of videos....

Risa Tachibana First Photo Book

Eto Sorry my fault...i mean, if you have a physical copy of her photobook, the cover says that there's an access code (maybe inside the book, I don't know coz I don't have book) which allows to to watch the "making of" video. And according to my research, there are 3 clips of the "making of" video.

On January 7, Ishida's 23rd birthday, she released her fifth solo photobook, titled believe in oneself.[32] Then later that evening she celebrated her 23rd birthday at a fanclub event titled Morning Musume '20 Ishida Ayumi Birthday Event at Zepp DiverCity.


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